Prius driving simulator

Language-Country (Unit) :

version 1.4.0-2 copyright(c) 2002 m.matsubara

Translation cooperation
  • Bernie Eiben (English)
  • Martin Palatsi Senar (Spanish) HP email 

  • Download

    Executable jar file (for Sun J2RE) : ThsSimulator.jar
    J2RE(JVM) Download : Sun Microsystems

    Command Prompt as follows to operate it with English mode.

    English mode :
    C:\>javaw -DLanguage=en -jar ThsSimulator.jar

    English mode (mph, mile/gallon, 1gallon=4.54609L) :
    C:\>javaw -DLanguage=en -DCountry=U2 -jar ThsSimulator.jar

    English mode (km/h, km/liter) :
    C:\>javaw -DLanguage=en -DCountry=U3 -jar ThsSimulator.jar

    English-US mode (mph, mile/gallon, 1gallon=3.7854L):
    C:\>javaw -DLanguage=en -DCountry=US -jar ThsSimulator.jar

    ThsSimulator_en.bat (sample)
    @echo off
    javaw -DLanguage=en -jar ThsSimulator.jar

    Source file

    Source file download :
    Parallel description english comments (2007/10/22)

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